• LaVance Kennar - BWW

Getting Started with Wood Working

I live in a military community where if you were to throw a stick, there is a high probability that you will hit a wood workers house. The one prevalent sound resonating in my neighborhood, is one of sawblades ripping through timber, planers milling down boards and jointers squaring-up edges.

Prior to July, 2018, I had never worked with wood. Honestly I was more into car care and maintenance. So much so, that I pulled my 1/2 ton truck into my tiny garage; singlehandedly installed a six inch lift kit, repaired all electrical issues, then painted my entire truck with my HVLP gun. While doing all of this, I soon realized that I had been missing something. Something that I had valued from years of watching and helping my dad work on cars. I missed working with my hands; having a problem that required a solution, thinking, planning and executing.

Inevitably the truck project wrapped up and came to an end. There was no more to do because I had done as much as I could to my truck within my budget. Thats when I had a last ditch revelation; I wanted a sub-woofer box, made out of MDF for the back of my truck. That's it! I had something else to do finally!

I jumped on Amazon, ordered a cheap (yet reliable) circular saw to go with my 11 year old jig-saw and patiently waited for UPS to deliver the goods. One week later, it had finally arrived; my new circular saw was on deck. I already had the MDF on stand-by ready to roll, so I immediately jumped into it.

Two days later, I had managed to produce possibly the most horrific and disastrous wood working project...ever! This thing was nowhere near symmetrical, it had huge gaps in the "joinery" and was just an overall piece of crap!

Oddly enough, this is what inspired me to get more involved in this craft. I realized just how much I sucked at it so therefore I wanted to not suck. I quickly enrolled into YouTube University, where professors like Paul Sellers, The Wood Whisperer, Weber and Kings were more than happy to teach me lesson after lesson and sometimes even the same lesson more than once!

Before long, the circ saw and jigsaw had new family members, such as a table saw, bandsaw, planer, jointer, drill press and a small but effective array of hand tools at my disposal. DIY workbenches and jigs began to show up (all whilst the wife was on vacation of course).

I am constantly trying to improve my skill and knowledge in the wood working world so I can, well, no longer suck at it. I find genuine joy in the smile I can put on someone's face, when I deliver a finished piece to them. My goal with these projects is to make my clients happy and excited to own a piece of my work, and also to hopefully turn over some coin here and there to fund this expensive and addictive craft!

I am very happy that I have taken this path and can't wait to see where it leads. No matter where this road takes me, I will have no regrets for this undertaking!